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  • Over 60 QUALIFICATION POINTS per customer ✔️
  • Dedicated & Branded Landing Pages ✔️
  • Unlimited touchpoints with prospect customers  ✔️
  • Volume-based pricing structures ✔️
  • Advanced machine learning & customer behaviour ✔️
  • Real-time Funnel Flow Reporting ✔️
  • 100% transparency on all managed deals: No black box!  ✔️
  • Custom events triggering lazer-focused outbound comms  ✔️
  • Boring call-center with cookie-cutter approach ❌
  • Dedicated & Branded Landing Pages ❌
  • Unlimited touchpoints with prospect customers  ❌
  • Volume-based pricing structures ❌
  • Advanced machine learning & customer behaviour ❌
  • Real-time Funnel Flow Reporting ❌
  • 100% transparency on all managed deals ❌
  • Custom events triggering lazer-focused outbound comms ❌
  • Boring call-center with cookie-cutter approach ✔️
Car Dealerships are struggling with internet leads...
Lacking follow-up
99% of sales teams are good at one thing: hitting the hot lead on the head as soon as it comes in. The problem is, most online car shoppers are not sending leads & buying in the same afternoon.

Your team is left with hundreds, even thousands of unqualified inbound leads you know nothing about. All you know, is that they have an interest for a vehicle you sell. It's true for new & for pre-owned. 

The average dealership turns around 10% of leads into sales. But what happens with the other 90%, can you imagine what the impact would be if you could get the number to 15, 18 or even 20%+? This is what sets the best apart, a perfect follow-up system.
Poor efficiency
Handling internet leads is a real challenge. Most dealership sales team struggle with handling leads efficiently & constistently. If you ever had your team handle inbound leads, you already know performance, response time & reply rate are inconsistent. 

You can't escape the fact that people are shopping online before making a decision, and that the pre-showroom activities are vital to any business trying to increase sales.
Overhead expenses
For most dealerships and dealer groups, BDCs are overhead expenses. Having a team outside your sales team booking appoitments can be a burden on your revenues. Turnover, training, holidays & other HR-related issues can quickly make your operation tank. 

Truth is, the BDC concept is a necessary evil since your sales team generally don't have the DNA to follow-up with customers on the long-term. But it still remains yet another reason why profits are going down.
Inconsistent Results
Keeping appointment & in-store closing ratios high is really hard. You must have a flawless process in place to ensure maximum efficiency. Even if you do, it's just a matter of time before it goes down again.

Car dealerships face a hard reality: high turnover. Constant onboarding & training can kill your business. Plus, salespeople don't like handling internet leads that much. Finding the perfect sales team that loves handling these type of deals is almost impossible.
Suffering Mindset
Salespeople tend to get discouraged by internet leads. It's simply not in their DNA to handle email and phone. Since more & more people are shopping and making decisions online, shouldn't you make sure you're at your best?

This results in poor follow-up, leading to little or no sales. This is costing your business a lot of money over time, as you are most likely spending thousands on fixed costs & advertising every month.
Numbers are only getting worse!
Nationwide, lead to sale performance is getting lower every year. Think you found the formula to barely make it work? Well, sorry to break it down to you, but you'll be running a deficient BDC next year if you keep up the pace...
We decided to approach the problem differently...
Your Next Generation VBDC
IMPORTANT: This is not some magic pill or incredible new secret. 

We're simply applying what we've learned over the last decade answering, following-up & closing sales online. We're engaging your customers on multiple channels at the right time.

Plus guess what, we're drinking our own Koolaid... We're using our own proprietary "Supercharger" system to increase our performance, and your competitors will not be able to catch up.
Interested to see how we can help?
Here's why more car dealers choose us to handle their online business:
 Consistent Results
Our process & team ensures there's no bump in your prospect handling performance.
We know you're going to blame us if it doesn't work, we make sure it does.
We use advanced marketing techniques to increase appointments & sales.
Our experts work with state-of-the-art online tools to maximize customer experience.
 Long-term follow-up
We follow-up until they die or buy, and then follow-up some more.
Prospects actually enjoy being taken care of. In fact, they expect it.
 Workload reduction
Your team can focus on what they do best at all times.
 No down time
A private sale or holiday shouldn't get it the way of your nurturing efforts.
The best part about our Virtual BDC:
it works even:

✅ ... if you are short staff 

✅ ... you just need a temporary solution

✅ ... if you have no internet sales manager

✅ ... if you sales team is currently handling the leads

"... we were short staffed because of COVID-19. This is a huge relief for us as we've seen our online activity spike in the past few weeks"
Rick, General Motors Dealership General Manager
"A Virtual BDC removed all issues related to human resources & performance for us"
Andrew, Ford Dealership General Sales Manager
"No more training. No more turnover. No more HR headaches. It feels good to have a break"
Omar, Audi Dealer Principal
"For the price, it's a total no brainer for us"
Chris, Chrysler Dealership GSM
"Answering leads under 10 minutes is a must. Appointments are up 58% since last year "
Wang Xiu, Toyota Dealer Principal
"Your VBDC performance is constant and consistently booking appointments, our guys are ready and moral has been up since."
Patrick, CDJR Sales Manager
"I kid you not, we tripled our appointments from internet leads last quarter!"
Russell, Chevrolet Buick GMC Dealer Principal
"We don't have to look over the shoulder of our sales associates anymore."
Lina, Volkswagen Sales Manager
"We're saving more than 50% BDC related expenses plus the appointment rate increased by 25%"
Mariano, Chrysler General Manager
Is our Virtual BDC program right for you?
The average car dealership using our Smart VBDC saves on average 32% on BDC-related activities, while improving performance and reducing HR related headaches.
Is our VBDC right for you?
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Outsourced BDC for Car Dealerships
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Autobahn Virtual BDC helps your dealership with inbound leads so you can attend the tasks you're best at: sell vehicles.
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